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October 2, 2016

When writing "Decline", my first novel, I wanted to arrive at the end through silence, emptiness--to subvert the norm: start with action, end in silence. That was my first feeling towards the project. But the genesis of my particular style came much earlier.  


I remember reading Salmon Rushdie's "The Ground Beneath Her Feet". His prose is so poetic, it was like the line between prose and poetry was blurred. It isn't the best book I've ever written, but his style... I'd never read anything so stirring before. This is how I wanted to write "Decline": so that you could take any little piece of the text, and it'd be prose or poetry only depending on how you arranged the lines. 


I know this doesn't make it an easy read, but I hope that anyone who endeavours and perseveres in the journey with me will be as touched by it as I am by the story that plays in my head.


Please check out "Decline", a novel of silence and bleakness, at http://amzn.to/2d9QpoY.

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