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Mya - released!

February 12, 2019


My sophomore effort, Mya, has been released onto Amazon.


Mya was a difficult book to put a category to. Ultimately, when pressed, I chose Romance and Literary Fiction, hoping to straddle the line between the two. On the one hand, someone expecting straight-up harlequin-style, swashbuckling romance will be disappointed; on the other hand, the central romance is not only important to the narrative, but is the epicentre of main conceit and allegory of the text.


Ulimately, I've been describing it in short form forums (like Twitter) as "surreal, tragic, romantic, and dystopic."


You can find Mya at https://amzn.to/2tkxlea, by visiting my "Books" page and following the link there, or by visiting the promotional page by Wizzbuzz Books at https://whizbuzzbooks.com/mya-jared-kane/


(or if you're very kind and you ask nicely, I may have some free copies).

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